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  • ++++ Heat Resistant up to 900C/1650F +Acid Pickling Resistant, Flexible, Strong Plastics instead of Clumsy Metal Tags +Industrial Adhesives for Oily or Uneven/Difficult Surfaces +Printable with Standard Computer Printers (Laser, Thermal Transfer, Dot-Matrix)+Heat Resistant up to 900C/1650F +Acid Pickling Resistant, Flexible, Strong Plastics instead of Clumsy Metal Tags +Industrial Adhesives for Oily or Uneven/Difficult Surfaces +Printable with Standard Computer Printers (Laser, Thermal Transfer, Dot-Matrix)++++
Tags+Labels Identification Systems
Heavy Duty Attachment Clips
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210-> Tags and Secure Attachment Clips for extreme rough handling

Tags and Secure Attachment Clips for extreme rough handlingLoss of product identification causes many hassles and additional expenses. Our new 6951 tag delivers a 30 percent higher tear resistance than conventional strong high heat tags of similar thickness. Attached with our ultra strong spring steel clips loss of tags are an issue of the past.
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209-> New High-Temp Tag for up to 570°F (300°C)

New High-Temp Tag for up to 570°F (300°C)Metal forming and other industrial processes involve high temperatures. We developed a new tag to face this challenge. The tag tolerates temps up to 570°F (300°C) due to special coating and delivers great resistance to weather and mechanical impact too. Another improvement is the optimization of printing characteristics for thermal transfer and just recently laser printers too. Data and bar code stay intact pre and post heat treatment.
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208-> Tagging with Robots in Ultra Heat Environment

Tagging with Robots in Ultra Heat EnvironmentAttaching tags to applications at the end of a rolling mill is „hot stuff“. Temperatures can reach 700°C/1300°F. Stud welding guns are frequently used to attach tags with push nuts to a welded on stud. This solution has proven successful and is ideal for stack identification. In close cooperation with Ronmas, MWE and Soyer we have developed a system that automates this process. The system prints the tags, separates, positions and delivers them to a robot. The robot attaches the tag with a pin to the application which takes 15 seconds. All parts of the equipment fit in one container (15”x15”x12”) and come assembled.
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207-> Engineering companies as logistics centers in supply chain management

Engineering companies as logistics centers in supply chain management Parts identification in engineering companies is an extremely complex task. The machine parts configuration is at least as versatile as the accessories with which the shipping information and specifications are attached to the parts. A leading engineering company in the energy sector counts on automatic data capture via barcode for parts logistics. The best results for reliable data capture were achieved by a GRAPHIPLAST® combination label with multi-functional fastening options suitable for laser printers. Two self-adhesive sections are used for recording when the goods are received and to check against the delivery documents. Another special feature: the labels are individualized and sent to suppliers with the orders to ensure that the process of receiving goods in the plant runs smoothly and consistently.
Application: The versatile solution: combination label for parts logistics
Benefit: Standardized labeling in the supply chain
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206-> GRAPHIPLAST® 7377 for 580 C / 1100 F developed further

GRAPHIPLAST® 7377 for 580 C / 1100 F developed further Worldwide shipping of hot-rolled products places high demands on identification. In the rolling mill, labeling starts at high temperatures and due to high mechanical stress during loading and transport, a robust solution is required. The new, stronger GRAPHIPLAST® 7377 in 180 μ has virtually unlimited tear resistance. The improved properties such as the label’s stability make it an ideal data carrier for automatic data capture via barcode. Numerous customers have confirmed to us: GRAPHIPLAST® 7377 is the modern replacement for embossed metal tags.
Application: Secure identification at 1100 °F
Benefit: Barcode labeling at 1100 °F using conventional printers
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205-> Chemical resistant printing with Lexmark T 644

Tire logistics in rely on GRAPHIPLAS In metal processing, various cleaning baths are used. Examples are degreasing baths before sheet metal welding, pickling baths before wire drawing or cleaning baths for precision parts after processing. Guaranteed traceability requires se-cure identification of products and containers for all processes. The combination of laser printing with the Lexmark T 644 and GRAPHIPLAST® 7268 ensures that the data on the workflow document accompanying the material or the label is still perfectly legible after the process. The combination of fast, high resolution printing and high chemical resistance creates secure identification and process reliability. Labels and information withstand acid baths.
Benefit: Increase process reliability through traceability
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204-> Process control in aggressive cleaning baths

Process control in aggressive cleaning bathsAvoiding material mix-ups is one of the priorities for quality management. Suppliers of car body parts to the automotive industry use containers with sheet metal parts that run through degreasing and cleaning processes. Removing identification before the bath means additional work. It also poses a residual risk when materials are being allocated after the process as sometimes several containers go through the process at the same time. GRAPHIPLAST® 7268 as a work flow document accompanying the material has a high resistance to acids, alkali and oil in high concentrations. It can therefore withstand all known cleaning and degreasing baths as well as subsequent drying processes in hot air up to 200°C / 400°F.
Application: Metal forming, high precision parts, etc.
Benefit: Secure processes - ISO compliant material traceability
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203-> GRAPHIPLAST® 7268 for automatic strapping

GRAPHIPLAST® 7268 for automatic strappingThe automation of simple operational processes is continuing. The application of tags by machine can also be implemented easily. Especially for bundle marking applications where strapping is available for attachment. With metal plates and high temperature self-adhesive labels for applications to 400 °C/ 850 F or plastic tags with slot punchings for bundles, fully automatic solutions are possible. In particular, GRAPHIPLAST® 7268 and 7078 are the ideal materials for the automatic threading through of the strap due to their robustness and flexural rigidity. A special type of slot (dog bone) ensures high tear strength and thus guarantees a secure identification for shipping worldwide.
Application: Tubes, profiles, steel bars and rolled strips
Benefit: Improving efficiency by eliminating a manual proces
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202-> Kanban Cards - Cutting Costs with ITI Industrial Supplies

Kanban Cards - Cutting Costs with SteeltagsOriginating in Japan, the Kanban system has changed container flow organisation. The “card signal” (Kanban) plays a central role in the supply of materials to assembly plants. Usually, the cards are produced to match the containers with slots for laser printer forms, 8” wide. To protect the cards from falling off, they are usually laminated. The laser labels made from GRAPHIPLAST® can be printed on directly with a laser printer, and are, after printing, UV resistant, soil resistant and virtually indestructible. Cost and time spent on laminating is eliminated. So simple, that it revolutionises this application.
Application: Kanban applications easily controlled.
Benefit: Save time and money with our laser tags.
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201-> Individual color printing with color laser printers

Individual color printing with color laser printersWhat started as a revolution for office applications and all-in-one devices is now set to conquer the factory environment. Today, color laser printing is an economical alternative. Printing costs per page are quickly approaching those of conventional B/W printing. Lexmark, a partner for laser printing systems, combines versatility and robustness of the renowned T series with the advantages of color printing with its proven C 762 model.
Application: Color as added value at comparable costs.
Benefit: Illustrations, presentations, and information in color
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